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Mary Kuppens
Jeff D'Amico

 Date    Page RefStatus        Description
 12/29/12 In the News DONE Added links to 3 news articles from Weston Town Crier, Wicked Local Weston & Weston Patch
 12/29/12Project Photos  DONE Uploaded Groundbreaking photos
 12/29/12 Phasing Upds  DONE Replaced the phasing plans file with new one updated on 12/18/12
 12/29/12 Sidebar  DONE Replaced Countdown to Groundbreaking with Countdown to Topping Off
 12/29/12         Design Info DONE Replaced the image titled "Poject scope" with one titled "Project Site"
 12/29/12 Meetings             DONE Changed Meeting Minutes tab to Meetings. Posted Upcoming January Meetings
 12/12/12 Site ChangeLog DONEAdded this Site Change Log page with page access enabled for me and Jeff. TODO: add Tim and Lauren
Removed Committees page and tab from Horiz Nav menu bar 

 12/12/12 Phasing Upd    
 DONE Added placeholder for Phase 2 plan .jpeg
Added verbiage re "overview of parking & traffic changes vs. detailed plans accessible via viewing attachment at bottom of page"
 12/12/12 Committees DONE Remove, per TB & JD
  Home TODO Per TB: We should have a spot for people to download the weekly project update which we will be presenting at the neighborhood meeting
  Contact Us     DONE Per TB: The contact e-mail should be forwarded to Jeff, Brian, Matt Lucey and Gerry. Jeff- you will need to coordinate who is going to respond. 

Per JD: For the 
Contact us page.  Can you create a project email such as that can be a complaint collection box which can be forwarded to me and whoever else from the town that wants to be copied. Matt Lucey’s address is

Per MK: 
Cannot create a groupname that includes addresses (like Matt Lucey's) outside of the Compass domain. I need to embed an add-in with a 3rd party product, such as wufoo.

  Progress Photos Open? Per MK: Figure out how to manage access to Picasa Albums via slideshows
  Schedules Open? from TB: Can we post the recent schedule by Colantonio or do we think they would cause a problem?
from JD: 
The 2 Schedules are in the folder.  “Project Schedule” & “Construction Site Work Schedule (2 month look ahead)”
   Open?Per JD: On the home page after you remove 3 of the renderings then I think a 4 box grid makes sense, the 2 remaining renderings, the update box you have and the Phase 2 (only) site plan.   All phase plans can go in the phasing tab, but 2 summarizes 1 ½ years of the project.
 12/12/12 Sidebar DONEPer JD: On the left column for upcoming milestone we should list the date & Time of the ground breaking as Tuesday December 18th at 8:30am at the new Field School Location.

I saved phase 2 as a jpeg in the folder.