Design Information

The Architectural team is nearing completion of the final Construction Documents for the new school. Subcontractor bidding will begin this fall with construction anticipated to start in October.

The Design Development phase restarted in the November 2015 after a successful Town Funding vote.

The Drummey Rosane Anderson, Inc. (DRA) design team has completed the Schematic Design of the early elementary school building project. The Schematic Design floor plans, site plan and rendering are attached as PDFs below. These pdf's are dated 2015-08-06 to reflect the completion of the Schematic Design phase and the submission date to the Mass. School Building Authority.

The ESBC selected the Irvine Property as the preferred site alternative to building a new early elementary school.

Feasibility Phase History:

The initial test fit site alternative options for consideration were presented at the Dec. 22 ESBC meeting and are attached below for record. These site options were also presented at the second Community Workshop on January 24th to collect feedback and input from the Town residents to aid in the development of their future school.

The attached slides were draft conceptual test fit depictions, to evaluate each site’s potential for a new or expanded center school. There were 11 variations of school options (numbered 1 - 11) considered at 4 different locations including the potential for new land acquisitions. The preliminary concepts are subject to change and not reflective of final design. The site options were narrowed to 4 as the feasibility study progressed.

Also attached is the final evaluations matrix that was used to compare and rate these site alternatives. This matrix was expanded further as the project progressed and the educational program was confirmed.